Friday, May 1, 2009

CK around me

Hey. This would be my last post. Too bad. Had gotten used to blogging already. Haha. So I'll be talking bout my friends who own some of CK products. I'll show you below the pics they sent to me and the feedbacks.

These two vain ppl are wearing CK sunnies. As you can see, they still have the tags on. They just can't wait to take pics of their new purchases.

Their feedbacks- The sunglasses was great. Since the design are totally in style. You know, the sunglasses need to be big2. And the price was expensive but the quality was good so it was excusable.

Above is my friend's CK dress.

Feedback - The dress was a knockout. And it was cheap since I got it on sale. Hehe. The dress was comfortable and the material was nice. All in all, it was a great investment.

One of my friend got CK briefs but he won't give me any pics. Since he was too embarrassed to show it off. So he'll just give me his feedback.

Feedback - The boxer was comfy. The design was simple and nice. The lining and everything was ok, it wasn't too tight or too loose. Just nice.

This is a pic I search, it's a CK store in KLCC. CK is really around us, we just have to really open our eyes to see it.

And lastly, my only purchase of CK is their jeans and perfume which I talked about in recent post. MY fav perfume, euphoria blossom.

Well that's all from me. Thank you guys for coming and reading my blog. Remember CK loves you~