Sunday, February 15, 2009

some background about CK

Can you imagine a young boy growing up in Brooklyn in the late 1940’s whose major pre-occupation was designing, sketching and sewing fashionable outfits for women? It is sometimes hard to understand and visualize genius. This particular boy spent his childhood on such projects, and eventually earned himself scholarships to both the New York High School of Art and Design; and the Fashion Institute of Technology at a time when America’s tastes were just emerging as original tastes from an uniquely American experience, rather than a copy of the European masters.
The boy was Calvin Richard Klein, and his childhood friend Barry Scwartz believed in him to the extent that he supplied the business acumen while Calvin supplied the creative genius. Their first products were coats for women and men; their first customer was the famous Bonwit Teller of New York. With their initial order for Calvin Klein’s coats, so was born the vehicle for the extensive lifestyle enhancing products conceived by this maven of fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, and just plain attitude.
Calvin Klein, Inc. is now a globally recognized fashion, design and Retail Company determining the future of fashion design. Product lines under the various Calvin Klein brands include apparel, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, socks, swimwear, eyewear, watches, jewelry, coats, suits and fragrances, as well as products for the home. Watch out people, Calvin Klein are ready to dominte your world.!

about me.!

Hye there!! My name is Sofia and I am currently studying in MMU. This blog is my assignment for subject Marketing IT. This is my first post. and my first time creating a blog, ever.! Hence the simple layout and all. But no worries! I will call help to my friends who are an expert in this arena.
In this blog I would be talking about Calvin Klein, or CK. I'll be talking about their collections on varieties of products. Thank you for visiting my first blog. I'll update the blog soon so keep on visiting to see it.