Friday, May 1, 2009

CK around me

Hey. This would be my last post. Too bad. Had gotten used to blogging already. Haha. So I'll be talking bout my friends who own some of CK products. I'll show you below the pics they sent to me and the feedbacks.

These two vain ppl are wearing CK sunnies. As you can see, they still have the tags on. They just can't wait to take pics of their new purchases.

Their feedbacks- The sunglasses was great. Since the design are totally in style. You know, the sunglasses need to be big2. And the price was expensive but the quality was good so it was excusable.

Above is my friend's CK dress.

Feedback - The dress was a knockout. And it was cheap since I got it on sale. Hehe. The dress was comfortable and the material was nice. All in all, it was a great investment.

One of my friend got CK briefs but he won't give me any pics. Since he was too embarrassed to show it off. So he'll just give me his feedback.

Feedback - The boxer was comfy. The design was simple and nice. The lining and everything was ok, it wasn't too tight or too loose. Just nice.

This is a pic I search, it's a CK store in KLCC. CK is really around us, we just have to really open our eyes to see it.

And lastly, my only purchase of CK is their jeans and perfume which I talked about in recent post. MY fav perfume, euphoria blossom.

Well that's all from me. Thank you guys for coming and reading my blog. Remember CK loves you~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy belated bday!!

I'm sorry CK. I didn't know you had your bday bash last year. CK is 40 years old last year!!! He's come a long way since it started. In four decades, CK has created a global empire with sub-brands like Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Calvin Klein Underwear.

Calvin Klein girls of past and present were attended the CK 40th anniversary party, with original CK denim model Brooke Shields slipping back into her Calvins, and current perfume face Eva Mendes wowing others with her looks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ambassador of CK

From the title you guys know what I'll be talking about. The brand ambassador of Calvin Klein.
I found a few of them, and I think they have the characteristics of being part of CK's brand.
They need to have the allure-ness of being sexy, sophisticated, and of course the beauty within and out. Below are a few pics of the ambassadors of CK. Enjoy~

Christy Turlington
one of the ambassador last time
during the year 1990's

Scarlett Johansson
Great beauty
But hate her in the He's Just Not That Into You movie

Christy Turlington
Australian actress
Yes, they even called bollywood actress, Asin, as their ambassador.
And Eva Mendes is the recent ambassador of CK
She did an advert for Obsession perfume
It was very controversial, too sexy.

Aren't the ambassadors all sweet looking. I notice all of them have a great smile and that's their best asset. Till next time~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hye. After the recent post, I went to look for more pics of CK's window display. And from the looks of it, CK really went all out in differentiating themselves from other brands. It was really something different. But I think to some people it is soo weird. Take a look at it

They just lay down the mannequin like that. Not sure what it represents.

This display I understand. It is saying that everyone can wear CK no matter what color you are

I think this one is tryin to say "Remember the days where you just feel like pullin down your jeans to show off your briefs."

mmm... by wearin CK we could get all the little boys to respect women.?

It is better to use live mannequins than the dead ones

This mannequin was chained to a big ball of CK jeans

Sunday, March 29, 2009

House of the Future

I was browsing through the net for CK products and I bumped into this.

Have you seen this before?

This is CK's window display during Christmas last year at one of their store in New York. It is actually a model house but to me its like a doll house cause they have all these mini furnitures inside. They are trying to represent a modern house with a futuristic feature. As you can see it is hanging by a four wire steel. It is floating above NY street. This is because they want to save space since the population of people are increasing.
The doll house, features four story structure, is furnished with miniature replicas of pieces from the company’s apparel, accessory, and home lines, including the new furniture line debuting in early 2009.

This is the Calvin Klein Collection store in New York's Madison Avenue.
The doll house is on the right-below.
Can you see it? Its the white glowing thingy

View from above.
The fourth floor
The third floor is the bedroom

The bed. So small and cute.
The bed sheet and the pillow sheet are from CK home lines
Second floor is the living room. The furniture are all in white to match with the structure of the hse. Notice the clear glass stairs, adds the quality of the future house in the sky.

First floor - the dining room.

Look!There's a CK handbag, casually left on one of the chair.

The doll house with its designer.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Advertising is Controversial

For this post I'll be talking about the way Calvin Klein advertise his products, since I have been learning about marketing for almost 4 years now. So I thought I should relate CK to what I know best. By all accounts, Calvin Klein was a marketing genius. He understood the power of a suggestive image and was able to link his brand name with the young, sexy and risque images portrayed in his advertisements.

The first signs of Klein’s marketing savvy came in 1979, when he had model Patti Hansen photographed on her hands and knees wearing his new, tighter jeans and placed the ad on a massive Times Square billboard. It caused such a sensation that it was left up in place for FOUR years, demonstrating remarkable staying power in such an industry of fleeting fads as fashion.

CK is not shy about pushing the limit when it comes to advertising his products. In early 1980, he featured a 15-year-old Brooke Shields purring "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." To see the ad click here . Seriously I can't believe she was 15 when she did that advert. She looked so matured. I envy her! I mean, just look at her.!!

CK has been at the forefront of fashion's grunge trend, using stringy-haired youth to hawk his CK Be and CK One fragrances. FYI the ad with ppl talking; girl in the middle is Kate Moss. There are also other famous models like Trish Goff but I'm not sure which is which. Hee..

CK's commercials and adverts are always following the youth trend and reflecting their life in it so that the customers can relate to it. But when I went through most of CK's advertisements, most of them are too provocative, especially in Malaysia. Hence, it has been quite hard for me to find pictures of their ads which I can post up in this blog. However, CK are really being an expert in marketing. He is so good that even now people are still following his steps. Recently, Kim Kardashian recreates the infamous ads that Brooke did 30 years ago. I'm not sure for which mags but below is a comparison. CK's ads are timeless...

Calvin Klein's quote “Anything we do in advertising is controversial. If it’s provocative and sensual and related to what we’re selling, I'm willing to take the chance. I have fun with the ads.”

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smells sexy..must be CK

Now everyone are smelling good. If you pass by through the hallway in campus, there will be all sorts of smell. It is very important to smell great. I heard lots of people said if a person look good they will look at you and walk on. But if you smell good, they will want to have a second look at you and you will have them intrigue. Hehe. And this goes for both male and female.

Ok for the ladies. You have gotta try CK Euphoria Blossom. It smells soo good but it would smell too sweet for some people. It smells lighter compared to CK Euphoria. Blossom are designed specially for us Asian girls. Since in this humid weather CK Euphoria would smell a bit heavy for us. Hence, CK Euphoria Blossom are born. But the down-side is they don't last long. Nevertheless I still love it. The packaging and the bottle are quite simple. Not that unique.

But there are Euphoria Blossom Crystalline edition. I haven't seen it sold anywhere here nor have i smell it. So i don't know if it smells different. But their bottle are soo cool. This is a special edition. SWEET.!

For the guys, why don't you try CK Be. I don't really like CK cologne for men. But this one is alright to me. Its nothing extraordinary but it suits for guys who likes to hang out or go to the gym. This cologne strength of scent are quite weak. So you need to spray more than usual to get the scent.. The bottle are so simple but it does stand out from the crowd. It looks kind of bold Among all cologne that CK have for men, i prefer CK Be. But i really think CK can do better.