Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ambassador of CK

From the title you guys know what I'll be talking about. The brand ambassador of Calvin Klein.
I found a few of them, and I think they have the characteristics of being part of CK's brand.
They need to have the allure-ness of being sexy, sophisticated, and of course the beauty within and out. Below are a few pics of the ambassadors of CK. Enjoy~

Christy Turlington
one of the ambassador last time
during the year 1990's

Scarlett Johansson
Great beauty
But hate her in the He's Just Not That Into You movie

Christy Turlington
Australian actress
Yes, they even called bollywood actress, Asin, as their ambassador.
And Eva Mendes is the recent ambassador of CK
She did an advert for Obsession perfume
It was very controversial, too sexy.

Aren't the ambassadors all sweet looking. I notice all of them have a great smile and that's their best asset. Till next time~

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