Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hye. After the recent post, I went to look for more pics of CK's window display. And from the looks of it, CK really went all out in differentiating themselves from other brands. It was really something different. But I think to some people it is soo weird. Take a look at it

They just lay down the mannequin like that. Not sure what it represents.

This display I understand. It is saying that everyone can wear CK no matter what color you are

I think this one is tryin to say "Remember the days where you just feel like pullin down your jeans to show off your briefs."

mmm... by wearin CK we could get all the little boys to respect women.?

It is better to use live mannequins than the dead ones

This mannequin was chained to a big ball of CK jeans


  1. I wont say it is weird. I will say it is rather artistic. if you see the CK advertisement in magazine, it is also very artistic.

  2. the advertisement idea from CK is really creative and able to capture the attention from consumer!!!

  3. I luv CK since d day I only saw a CK watch wen I was only 9 I guess...CK is sexy...& it shows in ur blog...make it sexier in the next ones...;)

  4. I work for and we sell a lot to CK. If anyone is in need of mannequins like the ones you see here please let us know we would be more then happy to help. Sorry no live mannequins but our staff looks like them!