Sunday, March 29, 2009

House of the Future

I was browsing through the net for CK products and I bumped into this.

Have you seen this before?

This is CK's window display during Christmas last year at one of their store in New York. It is actually a model house but to me its like a doll house cause they have all these mini furnitures inside. They are trying to represent a modern house with a futuristic feature. As you can see it is hanging by a four wire steel. It is floating above NY street. This is because they want to save space since the population of people are increasing.
The doll house, features four story structure, is furnished with miniature replicas of pieces from the company’s apparel, accessory, and home lines, including the new furniture line debuting in early 2009.

This is the Calvin Klein Collection store in New York's Madison Avenue.
The doll house is on the right-below.
Can you see it? Its the white glowing thingy

View from above.
The fourth floor
The third floor is the bedroom

The bed. So small and cute.
The bed sheet and the pillow sheet are from CK home lines
Second floor is the living room. The furniture are all in white to match with the structure of the hse. Notice the clear glass stairs, adds the quality of the future house in the sky.

First floor - the dining room.

Look!There's a CK handbag, casually left on one of the chair.

The doll house with its designer.