Sunday, February 15, 2009

about me.!

Hye there!! My name is Sofia and I am currently studying in MMU. This blog is my assignment for subject Marketing IT. This is my first post. and my first time creating a blog, ever.! Hence the simple layout and all. But no worries! I will call help to my friends who are an expert in this arena.
In this blog I would be talking about Calvin Klein, or CK. I'll be talking about their collections on varieties of products. Thank you for visiting my first blog. I'll update the blog soon so keep on visiting to see it.


  1. no worries, same here. first time creating blog.

  2. hi Sofia.. I'm also 1st time creating blog. Actually i hate it at 1st because it is really time consuming for the 1st time users. I have to click all the button so that i know all the function & also surf more info about blogs in internet. If i can do it, so do u. no worries k.

    need a web counter? just click here :
    have a nice day!!

  3. hi ,
    as i know Ck is famous with Perfumes so i m keen to know what else product famous in CK. thx for sharing

  4. SoonTC - me too.!! thanks for the support. we'll do our best so that we'll be as good as others. hehe

    sally - hye, i will. i've been thinking which perfume to talk about since we can only post max 10 lines. haihz. but i will post about it soon